Organic doesn’t have to mean expensive; the easiest step towards an environmentally friendly life.

Every day the world struggles to exist with the enormous amount of waste and pollution human beings put into our air and in our landfills. The sheer volume of waste that goes straight in the trash after we’ve finished using it never stops amazing me. Humans have so many needs and use so many different products we really don’t, and can’t think about everything that we do that contributes to the problem. It’s not our fault; we have these needs for a reason. We have to eat, we have to clean, and we definitely need to brush our teeth.

Luckily though, we’ve had a renaissance of greener alternatives the more we learn about the dangers of non-renewable products. If you’re like us then you’ve already made lifestyle changes to do your part in saving the world, as well as for your own benefit. There’s something that simply feels better about using organic and all-natural alternatives for everyday needs. Food tastes better without so many preservatives and doing our part to help gives us an extra boost of motivation to really start our day off right. So many people have made the change to be more organic and earth-friendly, but unfortunately some have met the roadblock we all struggle with; money.

What so many do not know is that there are alternatives to non-renewable products that don’t break the bank, and the folks at Nessa World are here to prove it.

Did you know that one of the least thought about and incredibly damaging waste we produce is just the common toothbrush? We don’t even consider it when we keep buying and throwing out these little plastic sticks, keeping the focus on plastic bottles and packaging. Every year millions of these toothbrushes are created, bought, and then thrown away without even a thought. We don’t blame you, we did the same thing! Until we discovered bamboo toothbrushes, a completely recyclable and all-natural alternative to the plastic toothbrush.

Most importantly, these greener and environmentally friendly toothbrushes are affordable.

A 4-pack of Nessa Care adult medium bristles bamboo toothbrushes come is at $9.00 — $11.99 USD and a single toothbrush can last up to 3 months, with Nessa Kids 4-pack soft bristles coming in at the same price. That’s the same price as many plastic toothbrushes and an even better deal than a lot of the name brand toothbrushes too! It’s an easy and affordable solution to a problem many people didn’t even know existed, and I couldn’t be more pleased to share this bamboo toothbrush knowledge.

4-pack of Nessa Care adult medium bristles bamboo toothbrushes

Being organic doesn’t have to be more expensive, we just need products we can trust to deliver the same care for a great price. These eco-friendly toothbrushes have done just that; created a greener and sustainable method of brushing our teeth at such a low-cost we didn’t have to change our lifestyle in the slightest, you just order a pack on Amazon and wait for them to be dropped at your door. So, pick up your own and join us in the green revolution, because as we’ve all learned by now; a small change makes a big difference.