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Why is it important to reduce plastic waste?

It’s a question we ask ourselves every time we take a step to be more environmentally conscious; how much is this really helping? Why is it important to reduce plastic waste? When we talk about the many issues plaguing our environment plastic usage is always one of the first ones discussed. Why? It can’t possibly be as important as reducing fossil fuels, the number one thing anyone talks about these days. How can recycling or reducing plastic waste possibly create the kind of change? Buying a different kind of car or taking the bus? It’s easy to be skeptical when you’re looking at a single plastic water bottle or bag or toothbrush, but you only have to look at our oceans...

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Organic doesn’t have to mean expensive; the easiest step towards an environmentally friendly life.

Every day the world struggles to exist with the enormous amount of waste and pollution human beings put into our air and in our landfills. The sheer volume of waste that goes straight in the trash after we’ve finished using it never stops amazing me. Humans have so many needs and use so many different products we really don’t, and can’t think about everything that we do that contributes to the problem. It’s not our fault; we have these needs for a reason. We have to eat, we have to clean, and we definitely need to brush our teeth. Luckily though, we’ve had a renaissance of greener alternatives the more we learn about the dangers of non-renewable products. If you’re like us...

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